We feature DDoS Protection.

Latest server hardware, strong processors, unlimited traffic and the highest level of server availability, flexibility and efficiency. Contract free and without any branding or hidden costs.



From 0,08€ / month

Gameserver Plus

Free Gameswitching

From 7,11€ / month

VPS Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server

From 6,99€ / month

Easy Control Panel

Our control panel makes managing your server a no-brainer. Change mods, make backups and plan restarts for your server in a matter of seconds.

100% NVMe SSD's Powerd

To ensure you get the best Lag free performance we are only using high quality NVMe SSD's, which are much faster and powerful than normal SSD's.

Secure Infrastructure

The datacenter provides us with advanced fire and intrusion protection combined with enterprise anti-DDoS hardware.

Instant Activation

Your ordered gameserver will be automatically and instantly activated as long as you are using an instant payment method for your purchase.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

100% Prepaid

Tired of contracts? We got the right thing for you - Prepaid, no need to sign a contract or send an cancellation.

Need that little extra?

Gameserver + Gameswitching: So that you never get bored.

Always free, without contracts, hidden costs, or branding.
We keep it transparent and simple.

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Gameserver + Gameserver Classic
Gameserver +

Gameserver +

Game switching at no extra cost

from 0,40€ Slot / month

Gameserver Classic

Gameserver Classic

One gameserver

from 0,08€ Slot / month

Available Games Gameserver +All none ram games available
(+ Mods)
Gameserver ClassicOne Game
Max Slots Gameserver +0 - 500 Gameserver Classic0 - 500
Game Switching Gameserver + Gameserver Classic
Bandwidth Gameserver +1 GBit/s Connection Gameserver Classic1 GBit/s Connection
Server Location Gameserver +Germany (Falkenstein) Gameserver ClassicGermany (Falkenstein)
No overselling Gameserver + Gameserver Classic
Gameserver + More Info Gameserver Classic More Info

Games with Green marks are only available with our Gameserver Classic Plans.
This is due to the needed ram limitations.

Gbit Network

Servernetic offers a low latency network (EU & NA), enabling you to deploy your gameserver in close proximity to your player base.

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We've helped many clients with our servers, enabling them to operate much more efficient at a lower per month cost.