New York Node Launched

March 13, 2019

We’re happy to announce that we launched our first NA Node in New York.  From now on you’re able to select [NA] New York as your node in our ordering process, for gameservers.   Note: If you would like to request a server transfer to another node, please message us through the ticket system.   With friendly regards, Servernetic Team

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Factorio 0.17.1 Experimental

February 27, 2019

Dear Customers, Factorio 0.17.1 Experimental is released.   If you would like to have your server upgraded to the Experimental version then just click on "Update to latest experimental version"  and wait for the update to apply. Afterwards your server will be running on the experimental version.   Caution:  As this version of the game is ...

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Latest News (Public Pay) & 35% OFF

February 8, 2019

Latest News (Public Pay) & 35% OFF in our newsletter!

Check out:

Your Servernetic Team


Mordhau Server Hosting now available!

December 28, 2018

Mordhau! ⚔

We've been in contact with the #Mordhau Team and are now able to offer you servers for the game!

Check out:

And our knowledge base: For more info.

Please note that the game is still in closed beta.

Tebex™ Partnership

December 6, 2018

 We're glad to announce a partnership with Tebex™! This way we're able to offer you 30 day's FREE of Tebex™ Ultimate!  Formerly known as Buycraft, Tebex is the leading Donation Plugin for Minecraft, Rust, Unturned, CS:GO and Garry's Mod (+ many more). Tebex™ allows you to fund your Gaming Server costs. You can setup an online web ...

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Revamped affiliate / sponsorship page

November 21, 2018

Dear Customers!

We've revamped our #partner / #sponsorship and #affiliate website to a much cleaner look.


Make sure to check them out! 

And Feel free to apply... =)


Partner / Sponsorship Page

Affiliate Page

50% Black Friday Sale Started!

November 16, 2018

Get a 50% discount on all our hosting plans (VPS & Gameservers) for the first invoice. Code: BLACK50


One of the best Friday/Cyber Monday Hosting deals on the market. 




Grab your server now and tell your friends!


New Design for VPS - Overview Page

November 6, 2018

Dear Customers!

We've launched the new design for our VPS - Overview Page. This should give you a better overview of our current plans available.

See VPS-Hosting for details.

Servernetic Info Department

G2APay Partner

October 18, 2018

Dear Customers!

We're glad to announce the partnership between G2APay and Servernetic.

Our customers can now pay via Bitcoin, G2A Wallet, Klarna, iDeal, Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney.

Paysafecard will follow shortly!...

Servernetic Info Department

Free daily backups for your gameserver

October 1, 2018

Dear Customers! Servernetic expands their free feature-set with daily - offsite backups. Backups are kept for 5 day(s).* This is a free service and will automatically apply to every new but also all existing gameserver(s).   Your, Servernetic Info Department     *Please note: We continue to recommend that you take your own regular ...

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