Factorio Configuration

From https://wiki.factorio.com/Multiplayer#Setting_Up_a_Multiplayer_Game


This will be the name under which the server will be listed in the server browser
A brief description of your server

A list of game tags

Visibility for server browser: May be either public, LAN or hidden.
Public: The server will appear in the public server list. This requires the login credentials below to be filled in.
LAN: The server will not appear in the public server list, but will be available through the Play On LAN button
Hidden: Clients will have to connect using the server's IP address
User credentials using a username and password or authentication token (found on the factorio website or in the player-data.json): These are necessary if you wish to make the server public. Otherwise, they can be left empty.
For security reasons it is recommended to use authentication token as this document is stored as plain text. Though it should be noted that an authentication token is a sensitive piece of information as well, and you are well-advised to keep it secret.

Server Password

Field name is game_password

Whether to verify user identity
(There are additional values in v0.14 of factorio.)

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