How to: Mordhau Server Configuration

It's realy easy to configure your Mordhau Server with Servernetic. Simply follow the steps below:

1.) Open the Configuration Tool. 

Configuration Files > Game.ini > [ Text Editor ]

2.) Configure your Server

ServerName=Servernetic Server 1

This will be the name under which the server will be listed in the server browser

ServerPassword=Privat Password
This is only required if you wish the server to be private. Users then must enter this password in order to join your server.

AdminPassword=Admin Password
The Admin password of your server. Note: In order to login with this password - you must open the consol window and type adminlogin <password>

If you just want to add yourself as the single admin, you need your STEAMID64. It's the same number you see ingame on the bottom left corner but you can get your ID more easily here: Enter your Steam profile URL and copy the STEAMID64 line. If you want to have multiple admins, add multiple Admins=<ID> lines, with the STEAM64 ID of each user. Notice that if you're on the adminlist you don't actually need the admin password.

Note: Server Port, Slot's or IP address are static values - and should not be changed.

3.) Additional Configuration

PlayerRespawnTime, DamageFactor etc. can be set under "[/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]".



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