How to: Mordhau Server Map Rotation & Default Map

It's realy easy to configure your Mordhau Server Map Rotation with Servernetic. Simply follow the steps below:

1.) Open the Configuration Tool. 

Configuration Files > Game.ini > [ Text Editor ]

2.) Configure your Map Rotation

You can change the default map rotation by modifying the lines below [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode].

FL = Frontline
BR = Battle Royale
HRD = Horde
SKM = Skirmish
FFA = FFA/Deathmatch
TDM = Team Deathmatch

For example, if you want a Skirmish mode only server, your file should look like this:


*NOTE: By default, the server always loads SKM_Contraband as the first map in the rotation. To change this, read below.

3.) Configure the Servers Default Map

Commandline Manager > Custom Commandlines > New

Choose any description you like. For example: TDM Contraband

Default Map
Choose the Default Map. For example: TDM_Contraband (Make sure to check the checkbox!)


Source: Mordhau Forums

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