So, why Servernetic?

Our customers pay for Dedicated Resources
NOT for overbooked hosting systems!

Dedicated Support Team

Just ask us. We love to help!

Advanced All-in-1 one Servers

Enjoy not just one, but all your favourite games with one server!


Servers which you can rely on.

Supported Games & Mods

Games with Green marks are only available with our Gameserver Classic Plans.
This is due to the needed ram limitations.
Our list is atomatically updated (via REST API).

Mod / Support

Napoleonic Wars
Persistent Kingdoms
And many more!..

Mod / Support

Oxide Mod Integration
Oxide Plugin Installer
Commandline Manager

Mod / Support

Ark Mod Downloader
Easy Mod Updater
Map Manager

Mod / Support

25.000+ Plugins
Craftbukkit / Spigot etc.

Mod / Support

Steam Workshop
Easy Config Editor
And more!..

Mod / Support

Save File Select
Save File Generator
And more!..

Mod / Support

Metamod: Source
And more!..

Mod / Support

ULX / Ulib
And more!..

Quality over Quantity

What does this mean for us?
Our pricing allows us to guarantee our customers that their order space / and ram is always available and that no host system is overbooked. Only this way we can guarantee a lag free experience and the satisfaction of our customers.

Beside our community orientated goal, we are also very proud of our network and hardware infrastructure as well as our approach to customer support. We are not your standard gameserver provider, we care about you and try to be personal with you. Robot-like interactions truly scare us, so we opt for a personal and friendly approach when dealing with customers.

We hate extra fees

Branding in server names? Extra charge for performance hardware?

Not with Servernetic. All our servers are installed on latest dedicated hardware and don’t include any branding.

Our Control Panel
Is build for your needs

Easy to use & fast control panel: Web-based and fully responsive.

Start / stop and change mods for your server in a matter of seconds.

1 GBit/s & DDoS Protected

A high quality 1 GBit/s DDoS protected network powers your server.

100% NVMe SSD & i7-8700

Our fast dedicated hardware provides your server the required blazing and outstanding performance.

Easy Control Panel

Our control panel makes managing your server a no-brainer.

Addon/Mod management

With us you are able to change mods for your server in a matter of seconds.

Planning of server restarts

Feel free plan server restart on your own, easily through our control panel.

Backup function

Backup needed? It is super easy to create one through our control panel.